About Our Data

TPEIR includes an integrated interagency data store containing data currently collected through several different operational systems and stored in multiple distinct databases. Data in the TPEIR data store are a combination of aggregated and raw data.

Currently Available Data Resources

Resource Data Available Years Source
Student PK-12 Graduation 1990-91 forward TEA - PEIMS Fall collection
Higher Education University Applicant Fall 1998 forward THECB CBM00B Admissions Report
Higher Education Student Enrollment Fall 1990 forward THECB CBM001 Student Report
Higher Education Graduation Fall 1989 forward THECB CMB009 Graduation Report
Staff PK-12 Educator Credentialing 1992-93 forward SBEC Educator Preparation and Credentialing system
PK-12 Staff Employment 1993-94 forward PEIMS Fall Collection

Texas Education Agency Source

Texas Student Data System (TSDS)
Public Education Information Management Systems (PEIMS)
The PEIMS data standards, collection schedule and history of PEIMS data are available here.

State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR)
The background information, released tests, and data collected are available here.

State Funding
Property values and tax rates originating from the Texas State Comptrollers Office are published here.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Source

Coordinating Board Management (CBM) Reports
The Educational Data Center (EDC) at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board collects, processes and stores student, class, faculty, and facilities data from Texas higher education institutions. Reporting specifications and definitions are contained in the following documents:

  • Public Universities
  • Public Community, Technical, and State Colleges
  • Public Health-related Institutions
  • Independent Colleges and Universities
  • Career Schools and Colleges