This report shows counts of personnel employed in Texas public school districts by role and school district within legislative districts for a series of years. A person fulfilling multiple roles will be counted multiple times. For example, a person may fill a Teacher slot and an Assistant Principal slot. In this example, the person would be counted once for each role served.

This report does not include auxiliary staff such as food service workers, school crossing guards, secretaries, bus drivers, clerks, etc.

Beginning with the 2007-08 school year this report no longer includes staff employed by Education Service Centers.

(Source: TEA PEIMS staff data)

Data Elements


The role identifies the capacity in which a person serves. Examples of roles are Teacher, Art Therapist, and Superintendent.

School District:

Texas public school district where the person was employed for the reporting period.

School Year:

The reporting period consisting of the fall, spring, and summer semesters that begins generally in September and runs through the following August. Fall 2001, spring 2002 and summer 2002 comprise school year 2001-2002, also referred to as school year 2002.