Match Texas public high school graduates to students enrolled in Texas public higher education during the school year immediately following the year of their high school graduation. Summarize the graduates by higher education institution type where they enrolled by graduation school year.

Note that graduates who enrolled in both a university and a two-year institution during the following school year are counted at the institution type where they enrolled for the higher number of semester credit hours. High school graduates who enrolled in out-of-state or in Texas independent institutions of higher education are counted in the "Not Located" category.

Data Elements

High School Graduates Enrolled in Higher Education:

Higher Education Institution Type:

School Year:

On this report, School Year indicates the year of high school graduation. The reporting period consisting of the fall, spring, and summer semesters that begins generally in September and runs through the following August. Fall 2001, spring 2002 and summer 2002 comprise school year 2001-2002, also referred to as school year 2002.