This report shows number of university first-time undergraduate applicants by institution by admission action and residence type by gender and ethnicity. Data for each selected report year appear on separate pages with individual pages accessible via a pulldown menu.

Data Elements

Higher Education Admissions:

All undergraduate, graduate, and professional student applications for summer and fall terms at each Texas public university. This report is collected each fall and includes only the applications that are complete.

(Source: THECB CBM00B Admission Report).

Admission Action:

Residence Type:


Female, Male.


Effective fall 2010, federal reporting of race/ethnicity categories changed. Through the 2009-2010 academic year, the THECB reporting categories were:

The Race/Ethnicity categories used for reporting beginning in Fall 2010 are:

Hispanics are identified by an ethnicity question that is separate from the racial question. Hispanic students, except international ones, are counted as "Hispanic".

Students who are "Two or more races" (or multi-racial) are non-international, non-Hispanic students who selected two or more races.

"Asian" includes Asian, Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders.

"Other" includes American Indian, Alaskan Native, Unknown, and Two or more races (multi-racial).

"International" students are shown as a separate category.